rescue your church and get new members

Here's a simple test of the popularity of a book I'm trying to get Lisa to write. I should have thought of this idea two years ago when I imagined the working title to her new book. The problem is that, while Lisa could write a book about how to save a dying church, she doesn't really want to do it. I told her I'd co-write. You'd like my little introductions to each chapter. Or you'd hate them. Basically, my job is to show everything that's wrong with churches. Not religion, churches. Lisa's job is to use all the research she's done in order to make suggestions on how to make the churches right.

Keep in mind that my character is a point of view based mostly on what I was thinking when she'd tell me all the cool ideas she'd read about to fix churches. Sometimes, I thought the idea itself was pretty stupid, but other times I thought that all the churches I'd ever been in that DIDN'T adopt a certain idea were pretty stupid. This could be broken Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist, or many non-denominational churches. I think her books focused on Christian churches for the most part, so sorry if you have a broken temple of some sort, but she might not deal with that one.

The point of this article is to see how quickly it reaches 100 hits and beyond, without me even Tweeting or Liking it. You can do that if you think Lisa and I should write the definitive book on how to save your church, but I'm really just writing the article in order to see what kind of interest the idea of trying to resurrect dying churches will garner. Maybe there's a lot of apathy at those churches in decline, and maybe the ministers and boards don't really care about learning how to change their ways, planning on riding it out until the end, and then transferring membership to the popular church down the road.

Honestly, it's not a big secret, and I'm not hiding how to save your church in this article just to get you to buy our book (since we haven't written it yet). The fact is that Lisa read many of the top resources in the saving churches genre. And I'm cynical. And she's organized. I've already identified twenty or so problems almost every church has. Maybe it's 30 problems every church has. I could try to make it 10 problems every church has in order to get more hits in searches. Anyhow, every church has problems. The successful churches either address or ignore the problems well enough. The unsuccessful churches probably need to address at least a few of the problems. The books Lisa read tend to focus on one problem to fix. See what I'm getting at? Maybe fixing that one problem addressed in the other church self-help books won't work well enough (or it might even be the wrong fix for your church). However, if you found someone who spent years studying what's in those books, responding to the comments of someone who has spent years shaking his head at most of what other people do (that's me), you'd have found many possible solutions to your church's woes.

If you are interested in us writing this book, click on the ads on this page, and come back to this article at least once. We'll notice the traffic. Share it with your pastor. Let us know that you've been looking for this sort of book by making sure this article, containing no actual solution, gets enough hits for Lisa to believe me when I tell her that my idea is a good one, and that someone should write this complete guide to rescuing a dying congregation. Not that I tend to have bad ideas.