I'd like to say I have no idea how to disassemble a pool table because the previous owners of our new house got rid of it before we moved in. Or because someone bought it off Craigslist and did the work for me. Sadly, neither of those are the case, and I have had to deal with solo disassembly of a slate pool table. There are tutorials online that can tell you fairly well HOW to disassemble your slate pool table, but fewer address whether you can do it alone. My plan is to upcycle some of the parts instead of trying to rebuild it in my garage, so stay tuned for that post. 

The playing surface of this particular pool table is 90"L x 44"W. The slate used is roughly an inch thick and around 30" x 44" x 3. Some people get a table with a single piece of slate, which likely requires several burly men to help move (or a sledgehammer). I was able to tilt each piece of slate out of the table, and then I weighed one of the pieces: 

143 pounds. I used Lisa's bedroom scale as opposed to some kind of official stone weighing device. However, I also did not just use some table I found online, since there's not much fun in that. At 140lbs, most of us are not going to be carrying it over our heads and up the stairs, and at 30" wide, it's going to be tough to use a hand truck. However, it can be maneuvered around the room and disassembled by one person. 

Simple math tells us the slate part of the pool table weighs around 430 pounds, which should also be about the weight of a comparable single-slate stone. Again, buy beer and get some friends for that job. But not too much beer, since that's a lot of rock to fall on the guy at the bottom of the steps. 

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