What's your city's slogan? Do you even know it? I can remember "A Great Place on a Great Lake" from my hometown of Milwaukee. People made fun of that one, but I remember it. When I looked it up, I saw that it was changed to "Milwaukee. Genuine American." at some point. That doesn't ring a bell to me. I guess it's because most slogans are pretty useless.

Milwaukee has used the following slogans over the years, but these are just the ones I found in one article:

Bright Spot (1902)

A City for Children (1918)

Talk It Up (1973)

A Great Place on a Great Lake (1984)

Milwaukee: The Good Land (1992)

Milwaukee: Genuine American (1995)

City of Festivals (2000ish)


Now that I'm in Florida, the land of Endless Summer, I can see Milwaukee as an outsider. Having lived in places that don't match Milwaukee in a a few ways, I'd say Parks and People or May Through October. As a general rule, those are the best parts of Milwaukee, especially when combined with the lakefront.

I was thinking about Milwaukee's slogan because I read about Jacksonville Beach's new slogan, It's Easier Here. Of course, that's a really stupid slogan, but one task that is anything but easy is coming up with a slogan that describes an entire city in a short phrase.