I just got done changing my rideshare info to reflect the fact that I no longer work in Menomonee Falls, but I realized that I live and work in a very desirable area when it comes to parking. Just a few blocks from the hospitals, including Froedtert and Children's, as well as the WLC, I become a legitimate alternative to finding a parking spot and avoiding parking tickets. I'm not talking about trying to run a business here, since I'm not right next door, but I changed my rideshare info to reflect the fact that I could park a car in my driveway and offer a ride to a front door. This could be nice in winter or in the rain or for someone from way out of town who would rather find my house than the right parking structure.

Valet parking at the hospital is $3. They claim they don't expect tips. Of course they expect tips. They expect $5, $10 if you just got cured of something. I expect to help people. And for those people to help me by buying an awesome website or book from me. Sure, websites run $500 or more but are worth it, but you can get the ebooks for $1-$5.

Anyhow, if you are interested in parking your car and getting a ride to MRMC or WLC, or if you're interested in having a website as cool as this one or reading one of my books, give me a call. 414-587-6740