I knew going in that a website about being happy with your lot in life might be too big. All Id read said you need a niche, like my satire site or my education site. But I wanted to report on the whole life experience with Satisfamily, so that's what this is. Lots of categories and lots of articles, but no clear niche. When my Google Adsense account got shut down, I was hoping this was the website that would convince the Web giant I knew what I was doing. Even though I got reinstated, I WAS NOT able to show that this website makes sense to Google's little bots.

I don't even remember which website I used to sign up for Adsense. Maybe it was Educabana. Maybe it was Real Wisconsin News. What I do know is that I was approved immediately, so I figured it would not be difficult to repeat the accomplishment, since I have decent hits and no inappropriate content on Satisfamily, but it took a little more effort.

Honestly, I don't even know why I got shut down. It was a mistake when I signed up for another Youtuibe channel for a client, which led to Google thinking I was signing up for the first time using Youtube, and that put me on the hosted only plan. That does not work for someone who has a Youtube hobby and a website career, so I tried to sign up again. However, after a couple of days, I was denied. Google said that my content was not targeted enough. That's awful in some ways, since it would imply that a newspaper website isn't targeted enough for the interweb. The truth is that I get hits for articles in all subject, but my top article admittedly has very little to do with most of the other content on the website. The biggest issue I have with Google's decision is that Satisfamily was built the way a website should be built, with a lot of varied content. People think and learn in various ways, but Google decides based on specific content.

When I resubmitted using Educabana, which is just an education website, I got approved right away, even though you'll really learn a lot more from this website. If you're intelligent enough to know why that's kind of bad, then I commend you. If you're not sure, just think about it for a while: Google wanted me to be dumber. To focus on one idea. To make searches and indexing easier for Google. But the point is that WE'RE not like that, as real humans, meaning Google really got it wrong. At least I hope so.