Helena enjoys making Youtube videos about how to do things. I use an old mini-dv video camera that can take low-resolution video on an sd card. While I am a resolution snob for my own vidoes, and I use the Canon 50D to record in HD-quality, I think it's fine for her to practice with a camera that is worth maybe $5. If you have an old video camera or digital camera that can record video onto a memory card, let your kids play around with it. You're not going to dig it back up out of storage to suddenly record your memories in low-res, anyhow. If you don't have a cheapo cam, try this one: DV7000A SD/SDHC High-Definition 720p Digital Camcorder w/4x Digital Zoom & 2.4" Flipout LCD


Helena's visit to Hoyt Pool

Helena's Hoyt Pool take 1


Helena's German book


Helena's how to braid hair final version

Helena's how to braid hair take 2

Helena's how to braid hair take 1


Helena's race car driver interview



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