I was surprised to have found no other Youtube videos describing how to fix a Lincoln MKZ trunk lid in cold weather. When Lisa first described the problem to me, I figured she was just being a complainer. However, after I left it out and some ice formed on the trunk lid, I realized we were dealing with a major design flaw.

I expect Lincoln knows about the flaw and figures since no one is getting injured, it's not that big a deal. I can't help but think of all the elderly folks who cruise around all winter in the northern states and can't get into their trunks. Then again, the older generation is pretty good at Jerry-rigging (MacGyvering it in today's parlance; jury-rigging in 1800s parlance), so maybe they all have similar solutions.

Anyhow, I'm sure the dealerships take any fixes off before selling the cars, so when you buy your MKZ (and it's a fairly nice vehicle), you'll want to watch the video below and fix it for the winter months.

One issue I thought about, however, is paint color. Many cords and fasteners are black, like my car. If your MKZ is another color, you might have some problems. You can use paint, but maybe a red or white speaker wire will work as well as my solution. I guess it's kind of a function over form kind of thing, though. If Lincoln isn't going to recall the car and add a nice chrome lifter somewhere along our trunks, we can all figure it out. I just used what was readily available and did not require drilling. You can always contact me with your solutions, too.