I was hanging out with a companion a few days ago at a neighborhood bar when I saw his white Chromebook cover. I inquired about it, since the vast majority pick some stylish shading or aesthetic configuration to secure their portable workstations. What he demonstrated to me was the Cranium Hard Screen Protector for 11.6" Acer C720 C720p C740 Chromebook Laptop. It's considerably more than an in vogue, cumbersome, plastic extra. Dissimilar to most covers and cases, this screen defender does its employment, costs practically nothing, and even has a utilization past its unique reason. Get the 10 pack here to save on shipping.

If you speak to the owner instead of using Amazon, mention code "FALLS" for the best deal, even if you're looking for a different model.


To start with, I needed to check whether it ensured the screen. Remember this shields the screen from bowing and breaking, and it's not sold as a glass protector. That is an entire distinctive sort of item: a plastic film that covers your screen. The Cranium holds fast to the back of the screen. Yes, sticks, as in for all time. I asked him for what valid reason, and the answer was that it's an item created by an educator for school use, and kids will remove anything that isn't darted down or stuck on. That bodes well. So this item is a changeless arrangement, however at under $20, it's the main arrangement you'll need.

The screen totally did not twist when I got it by the screen to lift it up. I've utilized these Chromebooks some time recently, and I know the screens twist everywhere. At that point my companion accomplished something that shocked me: he crushed the portable PC against the side of the table. A couple individuals looked over at us. The truth is out, he smacked it hard, and afterwards began surfing the web. I've never seen another item intended to secure a portable PC that I'd do that to, since a large portion of those items ensure by being another layer of shabby plastic to break first. Be that as it may, the Cranium is PVC and aluminum. Also, it works.

On the off chance that you have an Acer 720 or 740, you owe it to your Chromebook to utilize your noggin and get the Cranium. In the event that you simply anticipate it to be a piece of your school supplies, it's an arrangement, since the whiteboard is worth about $3 all alone, even before you get the best screen defender accessible.