Weirdest thing, some guy bought five commercial-grade bars stools from me several months ago. He wanted them, but he couldn't get here from Central Wisconsin to come pick them up, so he offered to Paypal me the money. I had another offer to buy three of the stools, and I kind of wanted to avoid the Paypal scenario, but, in the end, I decided to sell all five. He got a good price on stools that would be about $200 each, paying $250 for all five.

And then I waited. A few weeks later, he called and said he'd be coming during the week. That week passed. Now another two months have passed. The stools sit in my basement. They are bought and paid for. He owns them, but since he's not paying rent on the storage space, I figure I can lend them out to someone with an appropriate use for them. Maybe you've thought about adding some at your business or you're staging the sale of a house with a kitchen bar. Maybe you want to sit really high up when you watch TV in your living room. As long as you take all five and agree to give them to the guy when he finally shows up, the bar stools can be borrowed. Contact me if interested.

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