While I have not officially decided to start my own business (as opposed to search for work), I want to get the possibility of doing so in place for when unemployment runs out and there is no job. I have read a couple books, and I 'll provide at least one review shortly, but I am also getting forms and purchases ready for the big jump into the unknown.

I know that others running small businesses out there are also just trying to make a living, so I'm not going to nickel and dime them to death. However, the company that produces the most important component to my website idea wants $400 for one year and a bunch of components I want to use. Of course, these components will only be viable for a little over that year, so if things go well, I'll probably have to renew. If things do not go well, that's more than two weeks of groceries, and that's just one of the expenses. Anyhow, since all of the coupon codes I found are expired, I decided to contact Joomlapolis (the makers of some pretty cool Joomla components) in order to see if they'll either offer a coupon or let me know when one will be available. Here's the letter:

I have a great idea for a website and I was excited to use Community Builder as part of it, which I have done in the past. However, I am a recently laid off teacher, and the $400+ for developer membership is very expensive for me right now. Any coupon codes or hopes of one for Christmas? I'd really like to use your components instead of trying to figure it all out on my own, but I also have to think of my family. Thank you for your time. brian "

Again, I don't begrudge this company its right to make money. However, if they've stopped offering coupons, I guess I'd hope for some cheaper way to get my site off the ground and that the "Coupon Code" section of Joomlapolis's checkout would disappear because those are annoying if they cannot be used. I'll update this page with the results.

UPDATE: Joomlapolis sent me a 20% off coupon code and my friend (who is going to need the components for one of his sites) has agreed to pay for some of the expenses, too.