I thought I had this great idea to help my business out by adding photos to Google. Thousands of views in a few weeks wasn't bad, but then reality hit me when I clicked on myself as the photo uploader: there was no link! I was just plain old Brian Jaeger, a local guide with a certain number of points. That's great, but there are plenty of Brian Jaegers in the world, and no one is going to search specifically for me in order to thank me for adding images of their churches to Google Maps. After having seeing some business names as the ones who posted to Maps, I decided my name needed a slight change.

The problem is that I run about a dozen of my own websites. Which ones to choose as a hyphenated last name? I can't be sure Satisfamily-PassiveNinja is the best, but at least it might get someone to venture out to find me. Since my photos have been mostly of churches, I considered using Luthernet or Brave New Church as my name, but I went with Passive Ninja because it's all my web design, and I plan to be a local guide for local businesses as well as churches. I chose Satisfamily because that's my blog. I could have gone with my writing sites (McNewsy or RealWisconsinNews), but those are more creative writing, while this is who I am most days. I also like the catchiness of the two domains I chose, though Educabana is a good one that I don't update a lot. VoucherSchool is kind of a political blog, so I wanted to avoid that one, though it does have some decent articles. My other domains are much more niche, like SitcomLifeLessons or EpicFolktale.

I suppose the only problem is that now my official name is some long ad for myself. Then again, just about everything we all do online is one big ad for ourselves, whether it's on Linkedin or Facebook or Instagram. No one really cares all that much about any one other individual, and we're all vying for the attention of others with our posts about what we had for dinner or our next jewelry "party." Since no one really uses Google+ as a social networking tool, it just makes sense to use it in some way that might network without anyone having to find my profile. Granted, if my photo uploads would link to my profile, I'd be happy to change my name back to something more professional, with the assumption that someone might click on it once in a while. In the meantime, my name is BrianJaeger Satisfamily-PassiveNinja.

BrianJaeger Satisfamily-PassiveNinja