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Helena and James love jumping. They have since they were tiny, yet they still are tiny (both under 50 pounds). That’s why it’s sad that we’ve had TWO trampolines break underneath them. The first one I could handle because it was made for toddlers and built with bungee cords. Not built to last, and that company even sent a replacement product when it first collapsed.

The second product is an adult-rated workout trampoline sold by Pure Global. This is a company that should probably be run out of town and sued for everything they have because there is no doubt in my mind that they have sold thousands dangerous products to people all over the country that are just waiting to fall apart. The biggest difference between my family and those who might have given this product a positive review is that my daughter used the item every day. What I’m saying is that a 50 pound child jumped on a workout trampoline built to hold a 250 pound person each day (minus a few) from let’s say January 1st through June 1st, which is when the product was officially retired. In that time, at least ten springs broke. These are springs that were supposed to equally distribute her 50 pounds, but they just snapped. I kept filling in the gaps with bungee as a spring would break. The cheap rubber band bungee cords lasted longer than each spring that kept snapping. I eventually gave up and took the unit apart, hoping my mom’s correspondences with Pure Global would allow me to get some new springs soon and maybe figure out a way to get another six months out of the product. However, this is the email my mom sent about her dealing with Pure Global:


I called Walmart after the 90 days.... my product arrived Nov 28th 2014.

SO Walmart would not deal with me and gave me a number for Pure global

                                866 498 5269 X 18


I left name and number on M apr 6 and Th Apr 9.  no return call,


  After waiting a few more days, I went to their Pure global site and emailed at least twice.

  about a week later, FINALLY  rec'd a call.


She was ready to get her point across and started to argue with me. This was not her first time defending the warranty...she never stated how great the trampoline was.

  I started by saying that I had read on their site reviews how easy their company was to work with... since we had so many problems with the 1st kiddie trampoline, I thought this review was positive.  I was fooled!


But she/pure global  would not budge on the 90 day warranty..

I got angry and talked about pride in their product and false advertising about a product that is reviewed to hold 250 pounds and can't deal with <50..

  She pretty much said that the company would not do anything for me because of the 90 day warranty.

90 days!!!! what a boat load of crap....who buys something and expects it to work only for 90 days.

 She reminded me that I could buy replacement springs for 10$.. I asked if they were stronger and she said "no" the same as what came with the trampoline. But they are better than the springs from earlier models.


After this conversation I waiting for replacement springs, but none arrived.


I did find mixed reviews on Target, Walmart, even Pure Global...guess we joined the group with the junk product.

I thought I read that they have a new and improved trampoline...


"sometimes I think people review hours after they receive the product"


How many people out there have used this item five times in six months and think it works just fine? Maybe some of them even wrote good reviews. Maybe some of the reviews are written by family and friends of Mitch Carlin, Matt Ford, Margarita Martinez, and the rest of the Pure Global gang.


I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, but Pure GLobal would know little about that entity, given its F-rating. Since Pure Global does not want to talk to my mom or respond to BBB complaints, I am hoping a blog post, maybe some local media contacts, some photos, videos, and possibly contacting any kind of government entity charged with keeping scam artists from becoming rich from selling unsafe products will give me some chance in getting through to management. If not, it’s probably because the company is seconds from declaring bankruptcy, which I predict happens a lot in puppet companies in America that do nothing more than import dangerous Chinese products to be thrown into our landfills.


Pure GLobal broken springs

Pure Global snapped springs trampoline

closeup of pure global trampoline spring break

pure global working spring

The last image lets you see how the springs are supposed to look. Ten snapped and one is totally bent out of shape. Please do not buy any products from Pure Global/ Pure Fun trampolines. The problem is that these products are available at major retailers that need to be informed about how horrible the product really is.



Anyhow, if you know the folks at Pure Global, please let them know their products are awful and need to be recalled before more kids get hurt. Helena had at least three minor injuries, not including the fact that she’s cried a lot because she can no longer jump. I mean, really, what’s more evil than a company that sells overpriced crap for kids that can injure the kids? It’s like selling beating sticks to use on baby dolphins.


Mitch Carlin Pure GlobalDirector: Mitch Carlin https://www.linkedin.com/pub/mitch-carlin/61/b13/b64


not friends with Matt Ford


Owner: Matt Ford

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Customer service: Margarita Martinez




COMPLAINT ACTIVITY REPORT Case # 90307813        BBB serving Southeast Florida & the Caribbean


Consumer Info:     Jaeger, Brian                                                                   Business Info: Pure Global Brands Inc.

                                                                                                                                        8040 Belvedere Rd

                              Milwaukee, WI 53226                                                                             West Palm Beach, FL 33411-3202

                                     -       -                                                                                            877 742-4352

                              This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Location Involved:     (Same as above)


Consumer's Original Complaint :

Exercise trampoline claimed to hold 250 pounds breaks springs and injures child weighing less than 50 pounds after using it for less than six months.

Pure GLobal Pure Fun trampoline rated at 250 pounds was bought from Walmart by my parents for our children for Christmas. The item began failing in early April, but Walmart would not deal with the problem because of the warranty date. Pure Global also refused to offer any resolution other than to stick to a 90-day warranty. Purchase price was around $60, but replacement springs (10 of which are now broken) cost $10 each. My mother attempted to appeal to the business's sense of ethics, but they stood by their product as only being worthwhile for 90 days. We are not prepared to spend double the original purchase price for replacement parts after owning the product for six months, but we would love to join a class-action lawsuit that would be well deserved. Our daughter had at least three minor injuries related to broken springs (metal cuts) and falling through the trampoline where springs were missing.


It would be nice if the BBB or a government agency had the authority to put a business like this out of business or force a recall before someone is badly injured. I applaud the BBB for posting the complaints, as well as the other consumers who have at least made the effort to I will be posting photos and videos in a review on my satisfamily.com site, hoping Pure Global will take a popular blog more seriously than an F-rating from the BBB.  


Consumer's Desired Resolution:

I was told that the replacement springs are the same as the ones in the original package, so I would want a monetary refund so that I could purchase a better product from a competitor, or maybe even build a version myself. This item is unsafe, and no one dealing with Pure Global should be asking for replacement parts or store credit.


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