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Attempt #2 - Same Savings and Less Service

Three or four months later, however, I was really no closer to finding a job, though I was still getting enough UI to at least make all of my bill payments. However, when the price went back up to $70, I remembered that I needed to cancel, so I called again. This time, they talked me down by offering to jump back down to $40 a month for a full year, even though I’d be giving up a few channels. I think I was still hopeful one of my more recent interviews was going to pan out, and it was Packers season, and I always appreciated clear picture quality for the games, so they got me again: saving $30 a month (but still owing about $500 for the year).

Again, could they have allowed me to keep my HD movie channels AND cut the rate? Obviously, yes, but I again am not sure if they are willing to do it right away, so maybe take another lower offer now so that you can try again later. Or cancel. Always be willing to walk away.