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Good Press Only?

All of the press for Anik’s class is good press. And it’s all his press. He’s good at this, and it’s what I would do if I had a lot of money to try to make more money. All of the sites you see when you type in Anik’s name are his sites or people getting paid to promote his sites. Many of them are made to look like news sites. I think it’s ironic that his buddy on the video today said to NOT get a good website, since it’s all these good-looking websites that are making people believe Anik is for real.

In some ways, he is for real. He’s rich, and he’s able to make huge money using his passion. The problem is that his passion isn’t actually inventing anything or making anything useful: it’s selling the idea of getting rich, and it’s done at least partially through email marketing. Yes, the big secret includes how to spam (or something similar). Assuming my sister goes through with the investment, I’ll be able to be more specific later, but all the signs are there. The sad part is that it probably does work and it’s probably more annoying than illegal. I hate internet marketing only because it’s never worked for me, even though I have actual ideas. I keep wanting to call my sister to tell her this system is wrong in a lot of ways, but I also kind of want her to learn these techniques so that I can benefit from them and possibly help my own legitimate marketing. Honestly, it sucks to be passionate about writing, web design, and educational resources when the masses don’t tend to share those passions. Actually, maybe they do, and maybe Anik knows how to help me. Not likely, but maybe.

Anyhow, the challenge is set: my sister and Anik versus my own good ideas and good old fashioned marketing learned in a library. For the record, I have received 0 new customers for either of my really good ideas with great websites so far in two months, but I’ve spent a long time building my web presence and online reputation, something spammers and scammers can do without. Anyhow, it’s March 6th now, so let’s say I’ll update this post by June 6th with where we’re at, with a final update on September 6th, at which point Anik claims my sister should be rich, and I will have gone through my savings if my businesses don't catch on.

Also, keep in mind that he'd promising 7-10 hours a week for my sister, whereas I have already been working about 60-70 hours a week trying to figure my own marketing out, so I can see where people want some help.