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Lisa was kind of hoping our interns would go places with her and they'd be able to hang out a bit. While they did hang out and go shopping a couple of times, we had to accept the fact that we're a half generation older than any of these interns. The interns went out to bars and had late night parties. Lisa didn't even do that too much while in college. Plans were often made in real time with text messages. Lisa is used to a calendar on the wall and a week's notice, not to mention 10pm bedtimes. Our second intern involved Lisa in doing some singing with several singing groups at church... yes, I said several. Remember, they are younger AND they don't have as many responsibilities, so if you volunteer, you might be taking someone to the gym eight times a week.

I took the whole group to Madison one time. In general, it was a good time. However, my friend Jeff, who was once a dance club hero, refused to go into the one Madison bar all of the interns probably wanted to be in. I guess it all means that if you're in your thirties or forties and hoping to re-live your college glory days, you might have to look and feel silly doing so. You're not old--they're just young, but it's really the same thing. 

We hosted each of our interns for the second nine weeks, which means they'd both already experienced all eight interesting things to do in the area before visiting us. This situation can be a let-down if you allow it to be. Most of us enjoy being the tour guide, but being the tour guide involves a lot of time, so it's a bit of a trade off. I like trying to find unique and interesting places to visit. I've lived in the same city my entire life and still have a lot to see here. Still, not all plans will work out or be much fun, which is pretty standard for life.