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8. Themes and Slogans

The author offers several good examples. His basic advice is to make it memorable if you want it to be a marketing device. I was kind of going with "Relaxation in Education" for The website is supposed to let stressed-out teachers, students, and parents know that there might be an easier way to get things done. The problem might be that since no one accepts that way to educate, it might seem like I'm being too simplistic. As mentioned before, my "Design and Disappear" seems like it might work for Passive Ninja Web Design, but then again, words that imply I'm with them forever are supposed to work better. I DO want my theme to be that I'm not nickel and diming the customer before, during, and after the process, but since that's what we've gotten accustom to, it might be another hard sell if not explained properly. 

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