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5. Logo Logic

My logo is supposed to be readable, clear, and bold. It's supposed to reflect what I do and not be like anyone else's. The color should be consistent with other tools I use. Since I develop a lot of websites with a lot of ideas, I think I'll keep all of them under my main logo, which is my own triangular version of the ying-yang symbol. I first designed it while doodling in high school, and I had versions of it all over my notebooks in college. However, it wasn't until 2013 that I decided to use a computer program to get it to look proportional. The idea behind it was that good and evil may exist with a little of the other within, but there's also a more gray area. Anyhow, it's unique, at least until others see it and decide to copy it. 

Pennies From Heaven AKA Welfare for Writers

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