Welcome to the SatisFamily website! We are Brian and Lisa, and our goal is to create a site that informs and entertains. We're kind of like one of those husband and wife psychology teams who tell you what's wrong with your life, except we use ourselves as the example, good or bad. 

Brian uses humor to deal with many of the everyday challenges in life. Lisa likes to search for answers. We often annoy one another, but together we try to make the best decisions for our family. These may NOT be the right decisions for your family, but our experiences and research on subjects can be one tool you use. 

Since we're writing from a personal perspective, some of the content is local. We live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. However, much of what we discover about trying to have a satisfying experience while raising a family and being in a marriage can be applied to people everywhere. 

When I started populating the website, I realized that there was some alliteration happening: lots of Rs. Of course, I had to try hard to make some work, but they R pretty much what we R concerned with in trying to be content in our lives. Seven Rs might be more of a holy number or something, but eight is enough. 


So here's the deal on this website: we try to provide good, accurate information and opinions for you. In order for this to be worth our while, we put ads on the site. If you like what you read, please consider clicking on the links once in a while.

We looked for domains that reflected what we wanted to project to readers. Happy, healthy, energized, etc. However, most domains that sound like they have to do with weight loss are taken, as are most domains that have anything to do with family. I started playing around with Shakespeare quotes or combination words. Lisa thought that Shakespeare was a little much, but she eventually liked Satisfamily because it projects an image of being satisfied, or having enough.