MPS won't let kids learn to swim

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Dr. Brugger sent a letter home explaining something wasn't filled out correctly. I understand. Maybe it's not Central Office's fault. Maybe it's no one's. Maybe I take things too far.

However, do you think a small voucher school would have canceled this field trip? Or a homeschool mom? At the Lutheran school Helena and James could be attending for free, the principal could have forgotten a detail, told the pastor, emailed the staff, and all would have been handled.

I was directed to three or four directors, any of whom probably had the authority to call someone and get the field trip reinstated, but I instead received two emails saying it was someone else's problem. But it's not. It's our problem, not because Central Office decided to cancel a trip that they apparently never decided to cancel, but because there's not a simple way to fix a small error in a day. Here, look at this website I built in a day. Just me, and not a staff of 30 directors. And if the site had a small problem with the header size, I'd fix it. In five minutes.

It's a metaphor about bureaucracy in case you're part of the bureaucratic system and don't get it. But I can be proven wrong. If Central Office gets all of its moving parts in gear and gets the field trip back on schedule, I will run across the Bluemound Bridge in my (Helena and James bought) Superman pajamas when it reopens next week. Challenge made.





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